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We at Adarsh Eco-Friendly Specialty Papers make high quality Eco-friendly handmade papers. We are located at Palem Village in Mahabub Nagar District of Telangana in India, employing local village men and women in making handmade paper and products using textile waste like cotton, silk and natural fibers like banana fiber, jute, cizal, cotton plant stem etc.

We follow the traditional process of handmade paper making also incorporating scientific and newer methods for better quality and nature friendly. Our factory is a perfect example for our motto which is “Eco - Friendly”. All our products are 100% Acid free made using natural dyes and adhesives, with no hazardous chemicals used. The water usage in the process is optimum and the waste water is used for our plantation as it is completely chemical free. Hot water required in our process is obtained from solar water heaters. In every stage of making paper, “Eco-friendly” motto is strictly adhered to.

We are focused on providing Eco-Friendly papers and paper products for decorative, personal and institutional use.